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CSP - Italia

Central Signal Processor

 What do we mean when we refer to Central Signal Processor (CSP) in the SKA design?


The “Central Signal Processor” (CSP) element includes design of the hardware and associated firmware/software necessary for the generation of visibilities, pulsar survey candidates and pulsar timing from the telescope arrays. CSP does not include the buildings, cooling, shielding or power supply to the building. CSP does include the distribution of data within the processor, diagnostic tools etc necessary for the maintenance and operation of the system.

We have assembled the world experts and the best minds in this domain to tackle this ‘grand signal processing problem’“, says David Stevens, CSP Project Manager. “Our multi-national consortium, spread over 5 continents, will work collaboratively to ‘crack this nut’ enabling this new instrument to transform our understanding of the universe. I’m really looking forward to working with this dynamic and talented team.